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About Course

B.Pharmacy is a undergraduate course of 4 year duration. The intake is 100 students. During the course different Pharmceutical sciences like Pharmceutics, Pharmceutical Chemistry, Pharmcology and Pharmcognosy and Allied Subjects both theory and practicals are learned by the students. Our college is affiliated to JNTU Kukatpally, Hyderabad. First year is year end pattern Second, Third, and Fourth years on semester pattern. Total 36 Theory papers, 29 Practical papers and 3Miscellaneous (Training&Project) papers are covered in the 4year curriculum. Currently our first batch (2007-08) students completed their III year B.Pharm and entered into IV.B.Pharm.

Department of Pharmceutics

Pharmceutical Technology in its short form called as Pharmceutics is the most important and vital branch in the Pharmceutical sciences. Pharmceutics is the science of dosage form design. It deals with the art and science of preparing and manufacturing drugs. Nine theory subjects are included under this Pharmceutics branch. Physical Pharmacy, Pharmceutical Unit Operations, Dispensing and Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmceutical Technology, Bio-Pharmceutics and Pharmcokinetics, Novel Drug Delivery Systems and Regulatory Affairs are various Pharmceutics subjects that are studied by students in 4years B. Pharmacy course as per JNTU syllabus. The experiments being dealt are- Preparation of different dosage forms, Pharmcopeal extracts, experiments on incompatibility, experiments on viscosity, bulk density, order of reactions, formulation of various types of cosmetics.As per the requirements there are 3 Pharmceutics labs and 1 machine room to conduct experiments in Pharmceutics.

Pharmceutical microbiology and Biotechnology are also the derived subjects of Pharmceutics. Microbial techniques and biological preparations are learnt by students.

Department of Pharmceutical Chemistry

It is the scientific discipline involves the identification, synthesis and development of new chemical entities suitable for therapeutic use. It also includes the study of existing drugs, their biological properties and their QSAR (Quantitative-Structure Activity Relationship).

Pharmceutical chemistry is a highly interdisciplinary science combining the chemistry an d synthesis of drugs in detail. The following subject under Pharmceutical chemistry are learnt by students. Pharmceutical Inorganic Chemistry, Pharmceutical Organic chemistry, Pharmceutical Bio-chemistry, Chemistry of Natural Products and Medicinal chemistry. The experiments dealt are- Preparation of organic compounds, qualitative and quantitative analysis, Limit tests, estimation of creatinine and glucose in blood and urine, Assay of drugs, instrumental analysis. As per the requirements, there are 2 chemistry labs and one lab for Pharmceutical Analysis to perform the experiments.

Department of Pharmcology

Pharmcology is the fascinating science dealing with animal studies of drugs, it includes the study of drug effects in biological systems, the determination of the mechanisms by which drugs produce their effects, and optimization of therapeutic regimens.

Pharmcology involves many diverse and inter-related scientific disciplines that include; Anatomy and Physiology, Health education and Pathophysiology, Pharmcology, Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics. The following Practicals are conducted:

Study of different systems with the help of charts and models, Study of human skeleton, Microscopic study of different tissues, Miscellaneous experiments with blood, Analysis of normal and abnormal constituents in urine, Experiments on isolated and intact preparations using animals like frog, rat, mice and guinea pig.

In this department as per the requirement 2 labs are provided,1. Anatomy & Physiology Lab 2. Pharmcology Lab.

Department of Pharmcognosy

Pharmcognosy is the systematic study of medicines from natural sources. Pharmcognosy defines as "the study of the physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of drugs, drug substances or potential drugs or drug substances of natural origin as well as the search for new drugs from natural sources". Students study this subject in 3 parts as Pharmcognosy 1,2 and 3.The experiments conducted are: Microscopic chacteristics of crude drugs, macroscopic characteristics of crude drugs, Identification of crude drugs, chemical tests for crude drugs. Identification of Enzymes, Determination of plant constants. Isolation, Separation and Purification of various groups of chemical constituents from crude drugs. Paper and thin layer chromatographic experiments enable to identify herbal drug constituents. As per the university syllabus every experiment is conducted with professional skill in Pharmcognosy laboratory.

Job Opportunities in various fields of Pharmacy-- Primarily as a Pharmcist, JRF (Junior Research Fellowship), R&D (Research and Development), DI(Drug Inspector), JS(Junior Scientist), scientist in bulk drug industries and in drug discovery dept. as quality control officer, in Academics (Teaching), Regulatory affairs, Sales and Marketing, Medical transcription, Medical writing and Clinical Research.

Academic Advisory Board

G.R.Ravinder Reddy M.Tech. He is a post graduate in Engineering from NIT Warangal. He had served in the AP State Engineering department for 6 years. He joined in Indian Police Service in 1993 and served the society at different capacities for 15 years and took voluntary retirement from his service. With great vision he shouldered the responsibility of secretary of our Geethanjali College of Pharmacy.

Dr. M.Ravi Kumar, M.Pharm. Ph.D. He is a postdoctoral fellow in Pharmacy who did his B.Pharm & M.Pharm from Department for Pharmceutical Sciences Andhra Univrsity,Waltair and did his Ph.D from JNTU Hyderabad. He has 20 years teaching experience. He worked in different Pharmacy collages located in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh States. He is the principal of Geethanjali College of Pharmacy.

Dr. K.Abbulu, M.Pharm., Ph.D. He did his B.Pharm, M.Pharm and Ph.D from Andhra University Waltair.He is well experienced and committed Pharmacy teacher. He is the principal of Malla Reddy Institute of Pharmacy Doolapally.

Mr. G.Jagannadh M.Pharm. He studied his B.Pharm and M.Pharm from Andhra University and worked in Dr. Reddy's Labs for a couple of years and started his own industry, Reshma Pharmceuticals located at Cherlapally. He is studious, industrious and knows lot of technical skills in Pharmceutical methods.

Mr. J.N.Suresh Kumar M.Pharm (Ph.D). He did his B.Pharm from Gulbarga University and M.Pharm from Manipal College of Pharmceutical Sciences, Manipal. He has rich administrative and teaching experience in Pharmacy institutions. He is the secretary of APTI A.P. State Branch. He is the principal of Deccan School of Pharmacy Hyderabad.

S. No. Governing Body Members Particulars
1 Dr. G. Ranjith Reddy M.V.Sc., Veternarian Chairman
2 Sri. G. R. Ravinder Reddy M.Tech., Secretary, Teja Educational Society Society Nominated Members
3 Dr. G. Sridevi M.D.S., Dentist Society Nominated Members
4 Dr. M. Sudhakar M.Pharm., PhD., Principal, MRCP. Eminent Professional (Pharmacy)
5 Dr. K. S. Jaganadhan M.Pharm., PhD., PDF., Senior Scientist, Shantha Biotech. Eminent Professional (Pharmacy)
6 Dr. S. Ramamohana Rao M.Tech., PhD., Principal, GCET Academician of Excellence
7 Dr. M. Srinivas M.B.A., Ph.D., HOD, Dept of Finance, GCET. Academician of Excellence
8 Dr. Y. Bharathi Kumari MSc., PhD., Prof. in Chemistry, JNTU Engg College University Nominee
9 Dr. M. Ravikumar M.Pharm., PhD., PDF., Principal, GCP Member Secretary - Principal

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