Councelling CodesEAMCET Code: GCPK / PGECET Code: GCPK1


Welcome to Geethanjali alumni page. This is an attempt to bring together all the Alumni of GCP, Hyderabad. The Geethanjali Alumni Association is a voluntary organization formed with the following aims and objectives.


  • Increase the number of alumni who participate in the Geethanjali alumni lifelong community (both face-to-face and electronic).
  • Develop student recognition of the Geethanjali alumni lifelong community by engaging them during their campus experience.
  • Strengthen the presence of the Alumni Association within the College community.
  • Build an educational culture that facilitates alumni lifelong learning.


Geethanjali's thriving alumni communities provide a wide range of opportunities for socializing, networking and community service, and contribute significantly to the rich alumni experience that defines Geethanjali.

  • To interact with students, staff, faculty and with one another.
  • To strengthen the professional networking among alumni.
  • To maintain a database of Geethanjali Alumni, enabling them to reconnect with their friends.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of common-interest issues.
  • To provide a means for career networking and mentoring to both Geethanjali alumni and to current students who need guidance.

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